No disciple ever asked Jesus to teach them to walk on water. No disciple ever asked Jesus to teach them to fast. No disciple ever asked Jesus to teach them to preach. No disciple ever asked Jesus to teach them how to work with wood.

Teach us to Pray LORD Luke 11:1

Isn’t it amazing how the Son of Man would slip away to pray to the Father?
Some have asked me, If Jesus is God why did he have to pray to the Father? Don’t you think…maybe He just wanted to be alone with Abba Father?

When Jesus got off His knees the battle was over the war had been won!

Oh God…TEACH ME…TEACH ME TO PRAY! It’s your boy, Kevin…I need you God…my soul crieth out to You Lord. I NEED YOU! Teach me to be on bended knee coming to You with humble heart. When the Son of man cometh will He find faith on the earth (Luke 18:8) Oh my God…You will Lord…your boy Kevin will be faithful. Would it to You my God…that you not catch me sleeping when you return. Not in church with the hypocrites and Pharisees…but on my knees in prayer. SHOW ME LORD…show me how to TRUST in You 100%. Trusting that You know best. Trusting that I am your son and you delight in me (Psalm 18:19) and you will never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6). My sustenance, the very reason I live is to do the will of you LORD. Lord make me like Christ…I don’t care what you have to do…I don’t care if you have to take everything from me…I don’t care if you have to utterly destroy me…MAKE ME LIKE CHRIST! I can do nothing on my own initiative (John 5:30). Lead me in this difficult mountain before me. Your will…not my will and THAT is what I am first called to…submitting myself to your will. let those that would ask me why I did this or I did that that I say and know that I did it because it is Your will. We marvel at the Declaration of Independence…let me Lord…your son Kevin MARVEL at my Declaration of DEPENDENCE on thee. Make me dependent on the POWER of the HOLY GHOST. Your will…Your will…Your will. Reveal Your will in my life. I love you Lord. Amen

“And when he [JESUS] had sent them away, he [JESUS] departed into a mountain to pray” (Mark 6:46).

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