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A Study of the Origin, Identity, Heritage, and Integrity of the New Testament Church

I usually do not quote books.
But I just have to share this. It’s a book from Pastor Emeritus Dr. Mike Gass an Evangelist from Harvest Baptist Church, Medford, Oregon. His book, “A Glorious Church”. Available from Striving Together ( https://strivingtogether.com/products/a-glorious-church ). If you have questions or comments you can reach Pastor Emeritus Dr. Mike Gass of Harvest Baptist Temple:

I found both humor and truth in this excerpt.

Page 72-73 [May be subject to copyright]

“A few years ago, I had the privilege of going to Israel and visiting the Jordan River. …we watched many people…being baptized in that river. I was a little amused that so many wanted to be baptized in that river. …the [baptizing] pastor asked a question and they, in turn, would whisper something in his ear.

…it became obvious he was asking them in what manner they preferred to be baptized. Some had chosen to be sprinkled, some to have water poured on their head (affusion), while still others had just their faces placed in the water (in an effort to protect their hair). Some baptized three times forward, others three times backward; some dunked themselves by sitting down in the water. They were all so very excited… [Hahaha]

This scene I have described to you would cause little grief to most Christians today. Yet, once again it demonstrates the great confusion that exists today among Christians. The Greek word “baptizo” literally means “to immerse”. It does not mean sprinkle, pour, or partially immerse. It is only through immersion that we are able to demonstrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. This is the proper mode of baptism and this alone! …Baptism by definition, by example and by command requires that a man be immersed. Any other mode is not baptism at all.”

I would add…getting baptized in the Jordan River may be considered generally as idolatry. An exception might be if you were in Israel….got saved and jumped in the Jordan River out of obedience and convenience (see Acts 8:37, missing from modern translations).

But wherever you choose to get baptized for heaven’s sake…you need to get wet! All the way under…immersed. Not 3 times forwards or backward. One will do. 🙂 Quit making a mockery out of Jesus Christ, the King James Bible and our believes.

Hey, buy his book…I really enjoyed it and I believe you will too.


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