Bible Study Resources

Please use discernment at each of these resources.  You may have to spit out a few bones.  Go get ’em!  If you find a broken link…please let me know.

General (My personal site filled with articles, books & resources) (he is Calvinistic…but has many great free teachings) (More than 30 free, e-mail delivered Bible studies, designed to build discipleship.) (commercial site but many free articles, tracts and books online) (Charles’s was a Calvinist…but lots of good meat.  See for my favorite Spurgeon sermons)

Bible Maps

Concordance/Greek & Hebrew Lexicon

(Make sure your lexicon is based on the Majority Text {Textus Receptus} and not Westcott & Hort)


There is evidence for a young earth in every science discipline, including mathematics.  These websites will increase your faith and trust in the Bible.  People really did live to be 900 years old.  Noah’s flood was global!  The earth really is 6,000 years old.  Evolution is a dying religion supported by your tax dollars. (Number One Recommended: Free online videos and other free resources.) (Very commercial, but some great articles, I disagree with Ken Ham on a few key areas and you will not find links off his site.  Why?  He believes he knows it all and is the final authority…yeah no kidding.  J ) (free online book — the hard bound edition is available for sale at (Free magazine subscription)



Christianity Today — We no longer support this wicket, heretical ministry! add this one reluctantly.  Pastor Tim Moen (New Life Center, Emmett, Idaho) likes this one.  I trust Pastor Tim!   I have found some articles that did not line up with scripture.   Be careful.)

Children’s Resources


American History




Witnessing Cameron and Ray Comfort The Way of the Master — Excellent resources) tools for witnessing to Mormons) to Catholics) to Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Answering Islam – Witnessing toMuslims (Evangelizing Hindus and Buddhists)

Free Stuff (Free Bible Study Software) (Free Books, Bibles and Software) (Free Bible Study Software) (Free Bibles, Books, Etc.)


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