Young Earth

Nuclear Decay: Recent experiments commissioned by the RATE project indicate that “1.5 billion years” worth of nuclear decay took place in one or more short episodes between 4,000 and 14,000 years ago.

Earth’s Magnetic Field: Exponential decay in the earth’s magnetic field (half-life of 1400-2000 years). This half-life can’t be extrapolated back more than about 10,000 years without the field becoming intolerably powerful.

Polonium Halos: Robert Gentry’s work showed that the Earth’s granite was never in a molten condition, because polonium halos survive only in solid rock and the half-life of polonium is much too short to survive a multimillion-year cooling time. His results seem to indicate that the Earth was created instantaneously, in a cool condition. If true, it is clear evidence for creation and a young earth.

Helium diffusion: There is insufficient mass of helium in earth’s atmosphere to account for 4.6 billion years of radioactive decay. Helium is a by-product of radioactive decay of some elements. It is a noble gas which doesn’t combine with any other element, but there is not enough of it to account for the radioactive decay which should have occurred in an old-earth scenario.

In addition, uranium and thorium in zircons produce helium as a by-product of their radioactive decay. This helium seeps out of (sic) zircons quickly over a wide range of temperatures. If the zircons really are about 1.5 billion years old (the age which conventional dating gives assuming a constant decay rate), almost all of the helium should have dissipated from the zircons long ago. But there is a significant amount of helium still inside the zircons, showing their ages to be 6000 +/- 2000 years. Accelerated decay must have produced a billion years worth of helium in that short amount of time.


Human population growth: If humans had been around more than a few thousand years, they would have populated the earth more quickly. –Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 70-71.

Rapid Oil Formation: It has been claimed that oil was formed over 100 millions of years from organic remains, but recent experiments have shown that oil can be produced under the right conditions in a matter of minutes.

“Experiments by the U.S. Bureau of mines showed that petroleum (oil) can be produced from organic material in only 20 minutes.” Hayden R. Appell, Y.C. Fu, Sam Friedman, et al, “Converting Organic Wastes to Oil,” RL-7560 (Washington, D.C., United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, 1971.)

” British scientists claimed to have invented a way to turn household garbage into oil suitable for home heating or power plant use. ‘We are doing in 10 minutes what it has taken nature 150 million years to do’, said Noel McAuliffe of Manchester University…” Sentinel Star, 2/26/1982

Middleton, Holyland, Loewenthal, Bruner, “Bottom line – Economic accumulations of oil and gas can be generated in thousands of years in sedimentary basins that have experienced hot fluid flow for similar durations.” The Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia No. 24, 1996, p. 6-12

Rapid Wood Petrification: Petrified wood was believed to required thousands or even millions of years, but a US patent now exists that is able to produce petrified wood rapidly.

“A mineralized sodium silicate solution for the application to wood has a composition causing it to penetrate the wood and jell within the wood so as to give the wood the non-burning characteristics of petrified wood.” US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent No. 4,612,050

Argument from tree rings: Tree rings, including rings on petrified forest trees, can’t be traced back more than some thousands of years. –Morris, H. M. 1961. The Genesis Flood. pp. 392-393.

Absence of large number of human tombs. Humans bury their dead, even in “stone-age” societies, but large numbers of tombs are not found.

Argument from only recent known civilizations. Earliest known civilizations are only a few thousand years old.–Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 70.

Dating of Niagara falls. Erosion of the system indicates it is only a few thousand years old.–Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 48-49.

Dating of Mississippi river delta. Erosion rate and amount of sediment accumulated indicate that it is only a few thousand years old. –Mehlert, A. W. “Another Look at the Agea and History of the Mississippi River.” pp. 121-123. Creation Research Society Quarterly, December 1988.

Lack of equilibrium of Carbon-14/Carbon-12 ratio. This ratio should reach equilibrium in the atmosphere in only some thousands of years, but it hasn’t reached that point yet. –Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 73-74.

Erosion rate of the continents. Continental mass divided by erosion rate would wash all the continents into the ocean in about 14 million years. –Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 88-90.

Sediments in the Ocean. Present erosion rate could produce all the existing ocean sediment in only 15 million years. –Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 90.

Amount of salts in the ocean divided by rate of influx. This is actually many dating methods – one for each salt which can be measured. For example, all the sodium chloride in the ocean would have been washed in in about 62 million years, if the ocean was pure water to begin with. –Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 85-87.

Amount of water on earth’s surface / rate at which it is expelled from below ground. Enough water is expelled from deep below the earth via volcanoes, etc. to rapidly produce more than all the water on the earth’s surface. –Morris, H. M. 1961. The Genesis Flood. Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company. pp. 387-389.

Pressure in oil reservoirs. Couldn’t have stayed high for millions of years.

–Huse, S. M. 1993. The Collapse of Evolution. Baker Books. pp. 40-41.

Rate of accretion of the earth’s crust due to volcanism. Volcanic activity could produce the entire earth’s crust in only 1.2 billion years even with no crust to begin with.

–Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 88.

Uranium Halos

–Morris, J. D. 1994. The Young Earth. Master Books. pp. 62-64.

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