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Originally Posted on July 30, 2010 by Kevin

It’s All About JESUS!

Kevin R. Airrington

The other day, my family took a drive to visit with my friend Steve and his family and my cousin, Rob and his family.  They were nestled high in the mountains near Sage Hen Reservoir in Idaho on a summer camping trip.   My family and I had never been there and Google maps said 1 hour and 53 minutes.  It was only 51 miles away; I wondered why in the world it would take almost two hours to get there.  The first ¾ of the trip flew by in well under and hour.  I thought, “hmmmm, the online map must have been wrong” as they sometimes are.   Then it happened.

We fell off the payment onto a gravel road that was very steep and windy.  My wife was driving and she is a nervous wreck on the curves in the mountains.    We decided to surprise my cousin and his family by bringing his Mother, my Aunt up with us.  Auntie controlled a lot of the conversation, keeping my wife, Kathy from being so nervous.

Finally, we spotted them…the Rossi-Posse paper plates posted in the trees to mark our way and guide us right into their campsite.   After visiting for awhile, it was time to eat.  However, I had some other matters of the heart I needed to discuss with my friend.  Now Steve, I don’t know if he knows it but he is a philosopher.  He has a wonderful way of using anecdotes and expressions to drive home his theory.  Out of the blue, in the middle of the conversation he shouts, “QUICK!  Off the top of your head name the three most important things that we can turn to in the Bible and prove to be true.”  Up until this point we had been discussing things like Bible versions and really things that may be interesting to share each others viewpoint but they are not what I would call, “Salvation Issues”.

I love the King James, and I know that it is the closest thing we have to the original language.  I also know that the NIV, the NKJV, the NWT(Jehovah’s Witness Bible), NASB and other modern translations have many errors and heretical statements to say the least.  I know this, not think this, I know this.  I am as sure of this as I am of  the resurrection of Jesus and we all know what Paul said about the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15:17, “And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.”  Paul was saying, listen; nothing else matters IF the resurrection did not happen.  We can all go home drink some beer and be merry.

So my King James Only friends; we have other battles to fight.  Over 150,000 people leave this earth each day.  Most of them end up in Hell.  Yes, we have much bigger battles to wage than which version rests on the polished surfaces of our coffee tables.  Besides, almost any version is better than reading Playboy magazine.  And don’t give me that…”Playboy has good articles; I only read it for the articles bit.”  J

Now, let’s get back to Steve’s question… “QUICK!  Off the top of your head name the three most important things that we can turn to in the Bible and prove to be true.”  The three things that popped into my head was the Creator in Genesis 1, the birth of Christ found in the gospels and the resurrection also found in the gospel and mentioned in other Epistles.

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