Speedy Star Changes

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Evolutionary astronomers claim that “normal stars like the sun evolve over millions or billions of years.” Yet now there is direct observation that shows that stars can dramatically change in a very short time. A team of astronomers including Bengt Gustafsson at McDonald Observatory in Texas and Martin Asplund of the Uppsala Observatory in Sweden have observed a star called Sakurai’s Object in the constellation of Sagittarius.

In only a few years, the star has changed from a white dwarf star about the size of earth to a bright yellow supergiant 80 times wider than the sun. This means the diameter has increased by a factor of 8,000, and the volume by a factor of over 500,000 million. The astronomers expressed great surprise at the rapidity at which this change had occurred.

If this had not been observed to happen, evolutionists would have undoubtedly claimed that millions of years were necessary. We should remember they have never actually observed stars taking millions of years to change (degenerate). We should trust God who was there and has revealed that the universe is much younger.

The astronomers’ reports can be found here: New Scientist 154 (2085):17, 7 June 1997; referring to Astronomy & Astrophysics 321:L17, 1997.

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