Solar Wind

(This article has been reproduced from the Center for Scientific Creation. The original article can be found here.)

The Sun’s radiation applies an outward force on particles orbiting the Sun. Particles less than about one 100,000th of a centimeter in diameter should have been “blown out” of the solar system if it were billions of years old. Yet these particles are still orbiting the Sun.[see footnote] Conclusion: the solar system appears young.


After showing abundant photographic evidence for the presence of micrometeorites as small as 10-15 g that “struck every square centimeter of the lunar surface,” Stuart Ross Taylor stated, “It has been thought previously that radiation pressure would have swept less massive particles out of the inner solar system, but there is a finite flux below 10-14 g.” Stuart Ross Taylor, Lunar Science: A Post-Apollo View (New York: Pergamon Press, Inc., 1975), p. 90.

Large lunar impacts are continually churning up and overturning the lunar surface. Therefore, for these micrometeorite impacts to blanket the surface so completely, they must have been recent.
(This article was taken from the book, In the Beginning by Dr. Walt Brown. The book can be purchased from the Center for Scientific Creation. The original article can be found online here. For more information about Dr. Walt Brown, click here).


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