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Original Posted on July 21, 2010 by Kevin

Kevin R. Airrington
July 21, 2010

In John 11:1-45 we read the account when Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the dead.  Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha, were friends of Jesus. When Lazarus got sick, his sisters sent a message to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick”, was the message.  When Jesus heard the news, he waited two more days before going to Lazarus’ hometown of Bethany.  When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had been dead and in the tomb for four days.

The way I understand it, the Jews hold to a belief that the spirit leaves the body after three days.  Clearly Jesus was too late!  When Martha discovered that Jesus was on his way, she went out to meet him. “Lord,” she said, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

If Jesus is God, and He is, then would He have known that after three days it would have been too late to raise His friend from the dead?  Perhaps the Bible is wrong when it claims that Jesus was and is God. (John 10:30)

We as a people are demanding little creatures.  We want everything now…we want everything in our own time.  Not long ago wives would spend hours in the kitchen preparing a perfect meal for her family.  Today, woman slave over a hot microwave.  WE WANT IT NOW!  This “wanting it now” attitude began when we were children.  On Christmas Eve, all we could think about was Christmas morning, we wanted it to come now.

2 Peter 3:8 we learn that God is outside of time.  Peter is actually quoting Moses from Psalm 90:4.  Many people incorrectly relate these two scriptures to the six day creation in Genesis 1.  The Hebrew word for day used in Genesis is the word ‘yom’, which means a literal 24 hour day.  Interestingly, these same people never apply 2 Peter 3:8 to any place else in the Bible.  Did Joshua march around Jericho for 7,000 years?  Did Jesus rise from the dead 3,000 years late?  Oh my we still have another 1,000 years before Jesus rises again.  Per ponderous, we would never apply this logic anywhere in the Bible.

When we read the entire account of Jesus and the events at Bethany, we find that Jesus was able to raise his friend, whom He loved, from the dead.  Lazarus’ sisters wanted Jesus to come in their time.  God is outside of time.  We also know from scripture that the secret things belong to God. (Deuteronomy 29:29)  It is not for us to know how God operates when it comes to His time line.

The next time you find yourself “wanting it now”, think about Mary & Martha.  They waited for Jesus…and He came on His own time.  I believe the message was two-fold.  The first was, ‘faith’ — God is at work even when we don’t see Him working.  The second message was, ‘patience’ — in His time not ours.

God Bless you!

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