Hugh Ross – Heretic

Is Hugh Ross a Heretic?   First lets define the word heretic.  Websters diction says, “one who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine.”  Dr Kent Hovind called Hugh Ross a heretic on national TV.  How dare he!  Now hold on just a minute, I watched the video and Dr Kent Hovind didn’t just pop out and call him that.  The straw that broke the camels back was when Hugh Ross claimed that death brought man into the world.  The clear teaching on the Bible says that God made men and then sin entered into the world.

Danger! Danger!  Hugh Ross is an intelligent, articulate man who is very nice but is preaching heresy.  Watch the attached video…be careful.  I know that Hugh Ross is a “Christian” and some will say he has brought thousands to Christ.  Listen God can use a heathen and he has.  That does not change the fact that Hugh Ross is teaching heresy!


Hugh Ross believes there are millions of years between genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 and he believes Noah’s flood was local.  Hugh Ross you are an atheist with an agenda.  My Bible warns against false profits like you.  Dr. Hovind was way too kind to you.  People be warned…just because an idiot calls himself Christian…does not make it so.  Hugh Ross is an sheep in wolves clothing.


Hugh Ross Destroyed in a debate by Dr. Kent Hovind and the audience.  This debate was amazing and it is on Youtube and I would encourage you t o watch it.  What I like the most is Hugh Ross keeps attempting to appeal to a higher authority.  Dr Hovind consistently says, “I don’t care what your paper says or what you so called expert says…I care what the Word of God says…lets see what God’s Word says.”  Amen Dr. Hovind.


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