Did the sun and moon stand still?

Originally Posted on July 5, 2010 by Kevin

In the book of Joshua the 10th chapter, Joshua records that he prayed to God to have the sun and moon stand still. In those days, armies only fought during the day and Joshua needed more time to slaughter his enemy, the Amorites. The Scripture says that his prayers were answered and the sun and moon did indeed stand still. This statement has caused debates through the ages. So, what really happened that day Joshua cried out to his God?

Over the years many people have attempted to scientifically either prove or disprove the writings in Joshua 10. Some claim there was no miracle, but only the use of poetic language. While others say a cloud covered the sun, keeping it cool enough to fight all afternoon. Another claim is that there was an eclipse. There is even a report that NASA used a computer to tract solar activity and they have found a “missing day” back in the time of Joshua. I looked I could not find anything to support the NASA report…although very interesting.

All of these explanations do not hold up to the statement, “there has never been another day like this.” (Joshua 10:14 and Habbakuk 3:11.) So, what happened that day? I believe it is impossible to use science to speculate and since you and I were not there it is difficult to determine exactly what happened on that special day.
Unfortunately, the Scripture has very little to say about the event other than, Joshua prayed and God answered his prayer. And to my knowledge there are no other documents that support the events of that day. I know that my God could have slowed the earth, retracted the light or slowed the entire universe. 2 Kings 20:9-11 records time ran backwards for Hezekiah. The sun moved eastward instead of westward. This miracle was to show Hezekiah that he would regain his health. This miracle, like Joshua stopping time, is beyond scientific explanation.

Both, Joshua and Hezekiah made what seemed like impossible requests for our God. Let me remind you of the POWER of our God. In Mark 4:41, Matthew 8:27, and Luke 8:22-25 the disciples where amazed and in a bit of shock when Jesus spoke to the sea and the wind and commanded them to obey Him. Joshua and Hezekiah asked God to alter the heavens…perhaps the entire universe. We have a God who answers prayers and those two days were no exception, God honored their requests.
God created the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets; he placed them one by one in the sky. Our Creator, by the power of His word the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets must obey; just as the wind and sea obeyed Jesus. Some things can only be explained by the power of the living God. Some people call these miracles and well, I guess they are. To an atheist, he must deny any possibility of a miracle, but to a believer miracles are not impossible, they are incredible.

So what happened on that day recorded in Joshua 10? God intervened by the power of His word and a miracle took place.


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