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Hi there you Beautiful Happy Couple!

Rev Kevin Airrington

I think if there is anything that can be said about me is; I love what I do!

Can you imagine, I get to spend my time with two of the happiest people, on one of their most happiest days, working with some of the best wedding professionals and…. at some of the most beautiful locations in Medford, Oregon? I could not ask for, nor be blessed with, a better calling in life.

I’m here to serve couples, whether it’s an intimate sunset on the side of Roxyanne or at beautiful Fish Lake or your living room, a celebration with 400 family and friends on hand at one of the many large local wedding venues, I could not think of somewhere else I would rather be other than maybe vacationing in Alaska , but it’s a very close tie!

The Airrington Family

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and family.  I have been married to the most wonderful woman for nearly 17 years and we have seven terrific children with their own unique gifts and talents. 

God has blessed me with so much and being part of your ceremony would truly be a blessing and an honor.  I sometimes can’t sleep just thinking about the next wedding. I know that I will get just as excited with the last wedding I am blessed to perform as I was with the first.  The best part of my next wedding is that you will be there.

I hope I can be of service and share in the magic of your special day!

May God richly bless you,

Rev. Kevin Airrington

“Rev. Kevin” Minister of Marriage / Wedding Officiator

Reverend Kevin R. Airrington
Rev. Kevin R. Airrington

Rev. Kevin Airrington is an independent non-denominational Christian Minister educated and ordained at N.A.C.M.  I studied theology at the Patriot Bible University and is nearing the completion of his bachelor degree.  Upon completion he will begin his Masters and then his Doctorate.  Rev. Kevin serves as a Wedding Officiator to all of Southern Oregon.

Rev. Kevin has been a Radio DJ for Star Trek Radio, Worked in Church Ministries for nearly 25 years, is a Professional Genealogist & Historian, a very proud Husband, Father and Grandfather.  My oldest son just had a baby…my grandson, Vladimir.

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