My Home

Rev. Kevin R. Airrington

MY HOME is filled with love, joy, laughter and affection. In MY HOME, I make no apologies for ruling with an iron fist…that is easily opened to give out many hugs throughout the day. I love our children enough to punish them when they lie, break someone’s heart or rebel.

In MY HOME when the rod is brought to bear…affection comes quickly. In MY HOME there are boundaries that are set and those boundaries are NEVER moved. In MY HOME our children can see those boundaries because they are clearly marked and they know the consequences if they are crossed and therefore the rod is rarely needed. In MY HOME these boundaries are loved by our children.

In MY HOME I love my wife and I treat her with the adoration, respect and love that she deserves. In MY HOME I never calling her names (except my Honey Buns)…and if we are angry we are quick to forgive and LOVE ALWAYS WINS. In MY HOME I have never and will never strike my wife. This to me is a cowardly act by a man who has little self-esteem and whom would probably get his tail kicked if he swung upon another man. In MY HOME our sons are taught this as soon as they have an ear for understanding. In MY HOME much is demanded from our sons as they will one day have wives and children of their own to care for.

MY HOME is a home where daily and consistent prayer is the normal. MY HOME is a place where God is spoken about regularly. In MY HOME there are Bibles in every room. In MY HOME the Word of God is spoken, is sacred and revered.

In MY HOME, my wife is my princess but she is the queen of this roost. In MY HOME what mom says goes. In MY HOME we have a mutual understanding of LOVE, COMMITMENT and RESPECT. In MY HOME we resolve our differences in family meetings where everyone is equal and allowed to voice their thoughts and opinions. In MY HOME we resolve our differences with prayer. In MY HOME we believe that the “FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER”.

In MY HOME, our children are allowed to excel and showcase their many talents. In MY HOME our children are encouraged to learn new things and work hard in school. In MY HOME our children are taught to respect authority and the law of the land. In MY HOME our children are taught to pray for our Mayor, Our Governor, our President and those that have rule over us.

In MY HOME as adults we CHOOSE to abstain from alcohol, smoking or using drugs. We teach our children to obey God’s commandments and avoid such worldly pleasures. In MY HOME, we deliberately invoke Psalm 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.” In MY HOME we are careful at what we see on television and the Internet and avoid Rated R movies.

In MY HOME we teach our children to respect the rights of others and that for them it may be ok to watch a rated R movie or drink a glass of wine and that if they choose to partake in those worldly pleasures it does not necessarily mean that they are bad people any more than someone who does not is a good person.

In MY HOME we teach our children the importance of forgiveness. In MY HOME our children never hunger for lack of food, affection or lack of the presence of Jesus Christ in their home.


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