New King James Version Comparison Chart
                      Showing how the NKJV’s text deviates from the KJV’s preserved text.

The New King James Version unlike most modem translations is based on the correct Antiochian manuscripts instead of the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts. Unfortunately, the men doing the translation work view the Bible as imperfect. They would vehemently deny this charge in public because their jobs depend on it, but in fact they do not believe that ANY Bible is perfect. Not even their own New King James Version

Question: What is wrong with the New King James Version (NKJV)? All it does is modernize the words of the King James Bible, right? Why should I read the King James and not the helpful New King James?

Answer: The New King James is not a King James Bible. It changed thousands of words, ruined valuable verses, and when not agreeing with the King James Bible, it has instead copied the perverted NIV, NASV or RSV. And this you must know: those who translated the NKJV did not believe God perfectly preserved His words!

This is very important to those who want God’s truth in the English language.  My wife used the NKJV for years before she learned the truth about the preserved words of God. Here is some of what convinced her to switch to the King James Bible from the “New King James.”

New King James Version Omissions
NKJV omits the word “Lord” 66 times
NKJV omits the word “God” 51 times
NKJV omits the word “heaven” 50 times
NKJV omits the word “repent” 44 times
NKJV omits the word “blood” 23 times
NKJV omits the word “hell” 22 times
NKJV omits the word “JEHOVAH” entirely
NKJV omits the word “new testament” entirely
NKJV omits the word “damnation” entirely
NKJV omits the word “devils” entirely
NKJV ignored the KJV Greek Textus Receptus over 1200 times
NKJV replaced the KJV Hebrew (ben Chayyim) with the corrupt Stuttgart edition (ben Asher) Old Testament


NKJV Demotes Jesus Christ
Luke 13:8 Sir Lord
Matthew 18:26 before him saying, Master and worshipped him saying, Lord
Matthew 20:20 kneeling down worshipping him
Matthew 26:64 right hand of the Power right hand of power
Genesis 22:8 God will provide for himself the lamb God will provide himself a lamb
John 8:35 a son the Son
Colossians 2:2 the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ (Trinity)
Matthew 8:19 et al. Teacher Master
Matthew 19:16 Good Teacher Good Master
Matthew 22:16 Teacher Master
Matthew 23:8 One is your Teacher, the Christ one is your Master, even Christ
Matthew 23:10 And do not be called teachers, for One is your Teacher, the Christ Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ


NKJV Copies Jehovah Witness Version
Demotes Jesus Christ
Acts 3:13 His Servant Jesus his Son Jesus
Acts 3:26 His Servant Jesus his Son Jesus
Acts 4:27 holy Servant Jesus holy child Jesus
Acts 4:30 holy Servant Jesus holy child Jesus
Colossians 1:15 the firstborn over all creation the firstborn of every creature
Mark 2:15 OMITTED Jesus
Hebrews 4:8 Joshua Jesus
Acts 7:45 Joshua Jesus
2 Thessalonians 3:5 patience of Christ patient waiting for Christ
Demotes Trinity
Acts 17:29 Divine Nature Godhead
Philippians 4:20 our God and Father God and our Father
Revelation 1:6 his God and Father God and his Father
Colossians 3:17 God the Father through Him God and the Father by him
John 14:16 Helper Comforter
John 14:26 Helper Comforter
John 15:26 Helper Comforter
John 16:7 Helper Comforter
Works/Progressive Salvation
1 Corinthians 11:1 Imitate Christ followers…of Christ
Romans 3:3 faithfulness faith
Romans 11:30 disobedient not believed
Romans 11:32 disobedient unbelief
1 Corinthians 1:18 are being saved are saved
2 Corinthians 2:15 are being saved are saved
Ephesians 2:8 have been saved are…saved


NKJV Supports New Age Ideas
Works Salvation
Matthew 7:14 difficult is the way narrow is the way
Galatians 5:22 faithfulness faith
1 John 5:13 may continue to believe may believe
Ecclesiastes 5:20 God keeps him busy God answereth him
Progressive Ages
Matthew 12:32 age to come world to come
Matthew 13:39 et al. end of the age end of the world
Acts 15:18 from eternity from the beginning of the world
1 Corinthians 15:45 Adam became a living being Adam was made a living soul
Pantheism, Androgyny, Gender Equity
Luke 7:19, 20 the Coming One he that should come
Matthew 11:3 the Coming One he that should come
John 7:18 et al. the One he, his
John 4:24 God is spirit God is a spirit
2 Corinthians 2:10 presence person
Genesis 2:18 helper comparable to him help meet for him
Self-Esteem (“The devil made me do it.”)
Philippians 3:21 lowly bodies vile bodies
1 John 5:19 whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one whole world lieth in wickedness
Luke 11:4 deliver us from the evil one deliver us from evil
Matthew 5:37 the evil one of evil
2 Corinthians 1:12 boast rejoicing
Religious Tolerance – One World Religion
Acts 24:14 sect heresy
Acts 17:22 very religious too superstitious
Psalms 19:1 nations heathen
Acts 8:9 astonished bewitched
Acts 25:19 religion superstition
2 Corinthians 10:5 casting down arguments casting down imaginations
Titus 3:10 Reject a divisive man an heretic…reject
Relative/Subjective Standards
Matthew 5:32 et al. sexual immorality fornication
1 Corinthians 6:9 homosexual (catamites only) effeminate
omit all perverted persons sodomite
2 Timothy 3:17 complete perfect
New Age Name Game/Jargon
Matthew 23:10 et al. the Christ Christ
Psalms 109:6 omit Satan
Romans 6:24 et al. slave servant
omit 22x hades hell
omit 81x demon(s) devil(s)
Mark of the Beast
Revelation 13:16 et al. a mark on their hand a mark in their hand
1 Samuel 13:21 the charge…was a pim (positive identification microchip) they had a file…for the coulters


NKJV Uses Harder Words than KJV

Why does the NKJV use harder words than the KJV? The derivative copyright law insists that: “To be copyrightable, a derivative work must be different enough from the original to be regarded as a ‘new work’ or must contain a substantial amount of new material. Making minor changes or additions of little substance to a pre-existing work will not qualify the work as a new version for copyright purposes.” Therefore all new Bible versions must change those simple one or two syllable Anglo-Saxon words of the King James Version into complex, multi-syllable “Latinized” words. Consequently, the KJV reads at the 5th grade level and the NKJV reads at the 6th grade level. Because of this copyright law, there will never be an easier to read Bible than the KJV.

NKJV Hard Word KJV Easy Word
2 Corinthians 3:12 we use great boldness of speech we use great plainness of speech
Amos 5:21 savor smell
2 Corinthians 5:2 habitation house
Ecclesiastes 2:3 gratify give
Isaiah 28:1, 4 verdant fat
Isaiah 34:6 overflowing fat
Isaiah 13:12 mortal man
Deuteronomy 28:50 elderly old
Judges 19:29 limb bones
Job 2:10 adversity evil
1 Samuel 16:14 distressing evil
Jeremiah 19:3 catastrophe evil
2 Kings 22:16 calamity evil
Ecclesiastes 12:1 difficult evil
Ecclesiastes 8:5 harmful evil
Ezekiel 5:16 terrible evil



Comparing the Texts of these early KJV Bibles with a modern un-corrupt KJV shows that the Authorized Version of 1611 has never gone through a single Textual Revision and proves that God has indeed kept his promise to preserve his pure word.

THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1611
Seeing its readings proves to cynics that the KJV’s text has never been “revised” and is identical to that used today(except for the rare 1611 typographical slips which were shortly thereafter fixed by King James translators themselves).

THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1637
THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1772
THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1787
THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1829
THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1872
THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 1903

THE HOLY BIBLE, Printed in 2010

The NKJV Condemns Itself as a Fraud

The Bible is not only the word of God; it is also the words of God. Every word of God is pure, and every word of God is necessary to grow spiritually (Ps 12:6-7; Prov 30:5; Luke 4:4; John 14:23). Corrupt or take away one word from Scripture, and you destroy the internal integrity of God’s perfect masterpiece.

The Bible declares about itself that it is internally consistent without any contradictions, making it more sure than God’s voice from heaven (Prov 8:8-9; 22:17-21; John 10:35; II Peter 1:16-21; I John 2:21). If you find internal contradictions that are obviously wrong, then you know a book is not the word of God.

Jesus and Paul both argued important doctrine from single words, verb voices and tenses, and even a single letter (Matt 22:31-33; 22:41-46; John 8:58; 10:33-36; Galatians 3:16; 4:9; Heb 8:13; 12:26-27). If translators or publishers lightly or wickedly change words, then such authority is lost from a Bible.

Satan’s primary device has been to overthrow the words of God. He did it to Eve in Eden, and Paul feared he would do it at Corinth (Gen 3:1-6; II Cor 11:1-4). Questioning and altering God’s words have been widespread from the beginning (Jer 23:22,30; 36:20-24; II Cor 2:17; 4:2; II Tim 3:6-7; 4:3-4).


I have been asked to state my sources for this work.  I am usually very good at this.  I state them in works that I borrow for this site, I state them when I use a quote from someone, I also state my sources and or references in my own books and essays.

This one, KJV vs. NKJV is a little more complicated since it came from so many.  First and foremost…it cam e from the Bible and from the NKJV.  You can compare these scriptures for yourself.  This is why I put the scripture references rather than just put a list of words.

In this article, I have also posted excerpts from many websites.   Why?  Because I found useful information in various places that would add to the discussion.  At some points I added my own perspective from knowledge that I have obtained over the years.

Here is a list of some of the places that I used excerpts and information:

Jack Chick

Gail Riplinger

AV Publications

Dr. Kent Hovind – Creation Today

Ken Hamm – Answers In Gensis

Pastor Stephen Anderson (Faithful Word Baptist Church)


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