The Authorized King James Version vs the English Standard Version.

The English Standard Version(ESV) was released by Crossway Books in 2001.  They claim that the ESV is the most accurate version and is easier to read.  According to the ESV folks the King James Bible(KJV) is not accurate and we need to update the language, just like all the other 300 new versions that have been published for money making purposes.  One thing that stands out to me is that the new versions always compare themselves to the KJV.

It nearly makes me laugh when they assert that the KJV is hard and it needs updating so that we can understand it.  Grammatically, the ESV is much more difficult to understand than the KJV.

The following statements from the ESV boast of their heroic deeds:

“Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV Bible? That’s because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past—including William Tyndale’s New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version (KJV) of 1611.”

(Preface, ESV)

While the ESV “humbly” stakes its claim along side the historic King James Bible, it goes much further in its claim to fame. The ESV actually stakes claim to the “original text”.  Throughout the Preface and Introduction to the ESV, the publisher claims the ESV as “trustworthy. . . true. . . capture the precise wording. . .” of the “original words”, “original text” and “the original” from God.

The ESV is obsessed with it’s claim with the “original”.  The Preface to  the ESV they claim to the original 27 times!

But there is a problem! How can the claim the “original” when WE DO NOT HAVE THE “ORIGINAL WORDS” NOR THE “ORIGINAL TEXT” NOR THE “ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS.  Maybe they have the “original” books penned by Moses, or David, or Isaiah, or the apostle Paul.  If you had the originals in your hand would you even know it?  I doubt I would.  We do have copies of the “originals”.   We have many copies and we have different copies.  We have thousands of manuscripts, some are pieces and scraps no bigger than a business card.  Some are full books.

So what was the Lord “referring to” when He stated in Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”? (There are hundreds of other verses proclaiming the importance and promise of the preservation of the Word of God as well.)

We can glean a couple of very important facts from Matthew 24:35:

1) God has clearly promised to preserve His words – “my words shall not pass away”.

2) God has clearly placed a lot of importance on His words – “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

Is God a liar?  Is God just unable to keep His Word?  If we believe that God’s Word will not pass away…that He will preserve His Word —how is that possible if we do not have the original?  The ironic thing is the ESV compares itself to the “original” and almost in the same breath they compare themselves to the KJV.  If God preserved His Word and He did…where is it?  Put it in my hand.  The KJV is the preserved Word of God in English.

I have heard the following statement made by many defenders of the ESV:

“The English language has changed over the centuries, and modern readers find the KJV’s archaic words and sentence structures difficult to understand. Throughout the course of the twentieth century, it became clear that Bible readers needed a translation they could easily understand, resulting in a proliferation of Bible translations.”

They go on to say, “To get a sense of the beauty of the ESV’s language, compare the way the 23rd Psalm is expressed in the ESV and the KJV.”

These people will say ANYTHING to sell their Bibles.  Keep in mind that the KJV is NOT copyright.  The ESV is and boy do they make money on it.  The KJV is FREE in order to get a Copyright to protect your work you must be at least 10% different than the last.  How many changes do you think that is?  No wonder why skeptics say that God’s Word has been tampered with and is not reliable…BECAUSE IT IS!!!

God PROMISED that His Words would not pass away…HE PROMISED that He would preserve His Word.  He never promised to preserve the English language or any other language.

As I gather more and more data…I will add to this page.  For now…the video below does an EXCELLENT JOB of exposing the lies and corruption of the ESV.  I know that this version is a beloved treasure.  Many believe that FINALLY, a translation that holds to the same truth found in the King James, but easier to read.  The KJV is written at a 5th grade level.

I would not give you a dime for the ESV or any other modern “version” of the Bible, because they’re all based upon corrupt Greek work of heritics Westcott and Hort.

I wouldn’t give you a dime for the ESV or any other modern “version” of the Bible, because they’re all based upon the corrupt Greek work of heretics Westcott and Hort.



The reason why it is so difficult to find the errors of the ESV is because they are trying to


I want to make two observations…watch the video for a COMPLETE EXPOSE’!

Matthew 18:11 (KJV) “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”

The SON OF MAN!  Who is the SON OF MAN?   JESUS…this is what He called Himself.  Is this, Matthew 18:11, an IMPORTANT Verse?  Matthew 18:11 DOES NOT EXIST in the ESV!  What a verse to omit from the WORD OF GOD!

Here is a popular verse…you might know it.

1 John 5:7 (KJV), “ For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

This speaks to Jesus being God…the trinity.

1 John 5:7 (ESV) For there are three that testify”  WHERE is the REST OF IT?

There are in fact 17 complete verses that are missing from the ESV.   In the New Testament alone over 33,000 words of the Living God are removed.   Think about this for a second: If the ESV is “easier” to read than the KJV it is not because of it’s reading grade scale, but the fact that it REMOVES so much of God’s word.

The ESV takes out the name “Jesus” 18 times, “Jesus Christ” 51 times, “Christ” 39 times, “Lord” 66 times and “God” 38 times. The ESV attacks our Lord Jesus Christ! The ESV also removes the word “Hell” 40 times, the words “devil” and “devils” 83 times.

I would run as far away from the ESV and any other modern translation.

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