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From time to time Airrington Ministries will come across an article that is worth passing along and sharing.  In every single case, we will assume permission or attempt contact with the author.  In every case will will leave the links and authorship in place.  We encourage you to follow these links to learn more about the author and read additional articles of interest by that same author.  Also, if you feel led to support their ministry via donation or by purchasing a book, CD or other product, we would encourage you to follow your heart and support these men and women of God for the furtherance of the Gospel.  

Finally, if you read an article that is not authored by Rev. Kevin Airrington or one of our other published authors and you find some doctrines that you disagree with and especially if you know that they do not line up with this ministry…please let us know.  We will look into it and make a prayerful decision on how to handle it.  In some cases we may wish to delete the article from our servers and other times, if the information is solid, save a few lines…we will make a note of it for our readers.

If you are a writer and you would like a home for your essays, sermons, etc.  We would be happy to have you on board.  Please download the short form…fill it out and scan and return it to us.  We would love to have you on board.  Opposing views are welcome!  AS long as we agree on the following 10 items:

1) We MUST believe that God the Father, Almighty, Maker of the Heavens (heaven: where the birds fly, heaven: where the plants and the stars are and the third Heaven: where God lives) and earth: believing that God did it in a manner any different that Moses lays out in genesis 1 & 2 our faith is in question.

2) We MUST believe that JESUS CHRIST is His only begotten (begotten= one and only)…I know churches that quote the KJV word for word…yet believe Jesus is the Son of God…on one hand and the other…Jesus is the brother of Satan! How can Jesus be God’s ONE AND ONLY SON (John 3:16) and He have a brother? One of us is wrong.

3) We MUST believe that JESUS CHRIST was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of a virgin named Mary. To deny this is to deny the deity (divine status, The Creator and Supreme Being) of Christ.

4) We MUST believe that JESUS CHRIST suffered under the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate under authority of emperor of Tiberius; was crucified, dead and buried: He descended into hell.

5) We MUST believe that on the third day JESUS rose from the dead.

6) We MUST believe that JESUS ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.

7) We MUST believe in the HOLY GHOST.

8) We MUST believe in the forgiveness of sins through the split blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Paid it all with that one act. “And he is the propitiation for our sins…” 1 John 2:2

9) We MUST believe in the resurrection of the body.

10) We MUST believe in life everlasting.

You should also have a look at our beliefs page.

God Bless you.

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