The Parables of Jesus

Parables Location Matt. Mark Luke Lessons
Recorded in One Gospel
The tares Gennesaret 13:24-43 Good and evil in life and judgment.
The hid treasure Gennesaret 13:44 Value of Gospel.
The goodly pearl Gennesaret 13:45-46 Christian seeking salvation.
The draw net Gennesaret 13:47-50 Visible Church of Christ.
The unmerciful servant Capernaum 18:23-35 Danger of ingratitude.
The labourers in the vineyard Jerusalem 20:1-16 Call at various epochs.
The two sons Jerusalem 21:28-32 Insincerity and repentance.
The marriage of the king’s son Mount of Olives 22:1-14 Need of righteousness.
The ten virgins Mount of Olives 25:1-13 Watchful and careless profession.
The ten talents Mount of Olives 25:14-30 Use of advantages.
The sheep and goats Mount of Olives 25:31-33 Final separation of good and bad.
The seed growing secretly Gennesaret 4:26-29 Gradual growth of religion.
The householder Gennesaret 13:32-37
Gratitude for pardon. Galilee 7:41-47 Gratitude for pardon.
The good Samaritan Jerusalem 10:30-37 Compassion to suffering.
The friend at midnight Jerusalem 11:5-8 Perseverance in prayer.
The rich fool Jerusalem 12:16-21 Worldly-mindedness.
The wedding feast Jerusalem 12:35-38 Vigilance towards Second Advent.
The wedding feast Jerusalem 12:41-48 Conscientiousness in trust.
The barren fig tree Jerusalem 13:6-9 Unprofitableness under grace.
The great supper Jerusalem 14:16-24 Universality of Divine call.
The piece of money Jerusalem 15:8-10 Joy over penitence.
The prodigal son Jerusalem 15:11-32 Fatherly love to penitent son.
The unjust steward Jerusalem 16:1-8 Preparation for eternity.
The rich man and Lazarus* Jerusalem 16:19-31 Recompense of future life.
The unprofitable servants Jerusalem 17:7-10 God’s claim to all our service.
The unjust judge Jerusalem 18:1-8 Advantage of persevering prayer.
The Pharisee and publican Jerusalem 18:9-14 Self-righteousness and humility.
The pounds Jerusalem 19:11-27 Diligence rewarded; sloth punished.
Recorded in Two Gospels
House on rock and sand Galilee 7:24-29 6:47-49 Consistent and false profession.
The leaven Gennesaret 13:33 13:20-21 Pervading influence of religion.
The lost sheep Jerusalem 18:11-14 15:3-7 Joy over penitent.
Recorded in Three Gospels
New cloth and old garment Capernaum 9:16 2:21 5:36 New doctrines on old prejudices.
New wine in old bottles Capernaum 9:17 2:22 5:37 New spirit in unregenerate heart.
The sower Gennesaret 13:3-23 4:1-20 8:4-15 Hearers divided into classes.
The mustard seed Gennesaret 13:31-32 4:30-34 13:18-19 Spread of Gospel.
The wicked husbandmen Jerusalem 21:33-46 12:1-12 20:9-18 Rejections of Christ by Jews.
The fig tree and all the trees Mount of
24:32-33 13:28-29 21:29-31 Indications of Second Advent.

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