Is Usama Bin Laden Dead?

Unfortunately with the news that UBL was killed by US Soldiers has raised perhaps more questions than answers.  No one rejoiced more than I did when we learned from Obama that it was a US Soldier not a missile that killed the greatest terror mastermind that the world has ever known.

One thing my six year old daughter reminded me of is as much as we all may have wanted him dead for the murder and terror this character wrecked on America and the world this past decade, that he still had a family, still had people that loved him and cared for him.  With that said, how much rejoicing of his death should we celebrate?  When does it become disrespect to the loved ones he left behind?

America is a nation founded on laws and due process.  Since when does a President have the authority to kill someone without due process of the law?   Then to carry out such an act that is of such consequential interest to the world as to not give us one shred of proof, but leave us with questions and reasons to question the very death of Usama Bin laden.

I did some research on the whole “Muslim burial at sea tradition”.   What I found is that it did not exist.  Muslim leaders are even quoting the Quran saying it contrary to their beliefs.  So, the questions begin Mr. President, “Why the burial at sea?” and “Why would you tell the world he was buried at sea honoring the Muslim tradition?”

You may recall when US Soldiers cornered Saddam Husain’s sons in that safe house.  A fire fight broke out…moments later the news hit that Uday and Qusay were dead, killed by the bullet or bullets of US Servicemen.   Hours later, blood riddled bodies were released to the public.  You could see the swollen faces drenched in their own blood on every TV Screen in the world.  Then within days more photos were released of a cleaned up body.   More questions for this President, “Where is our proof?  Do you simply expect us to take your word when you have lied to the American people time and time again?”

Reports filtered through media channels quickly that we identified his body using Familial DNA.  More specifically, DNA taken at some point from his mother and his three of his sons were used to give us, what they are saying is a 99.9% probability that it was him.  More questions, “Where are the results, the certified results of this Familial DNA report pointing to a 99.9% certainty that we have indeed killed Usama Bin Laden, the greatest terror mastermind ever?”

If in fact, Usama Bin Laden id dead and let’s face it there is no way for us to know one way or another, either we believe our President, a man who has repeatedly lied to the American people, a man who refuses to produce a legal copy of his birth certificate, or we believe the Muslim world who says that burial at sea is not Muslim tradition and even contrary to the Quran.   Maybe we believe the fact that all we have is the testimony of this President and no physical evidence.  In a court of law, this case would be dismissed for lack of physical evidence.

In conclusion, I guess it is up to the individual and what they believe.  Just like with the resurrection of Jesus.  Oh wait; we do have evidence of the life, crucifixion, death and RESSURECTION of Jesus Christ.  Over 500 people saw Jesus alive in physical form after the crucifixion.  That’s right, over 500 eye witnesses, not just His followers.  In fact, when the gospels were written many of the 500 were still alive and all could be interviewed.  Thomas thrust his fist in Jesus’ side; Thomas pushed his finger through the holes in Jesus’ hand.   The tomb is empty.  The followers of Jesus went from timid men to bold men who were martyred in the name of Christ.  Many first century historians including Flavious Josephus wrote about Jesus.  Jesus’ enemies wrote about Him.  Recently, in the tomb of Caiaphas, the chief priest that put Jesus to death, they found nails that were used in a crucifixion.  As far as we know Caiaphas was only involved in one crucifixion.  The Shroud of Turin — Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ, or what is widely believed to be the burial of cloth of Jesus Christ, has an image of a man who was crucified; holes in both hands, holes in both feet, a large hole pierced in the side, blood puncture holes around the crown of the head.  The blood stains that are on the Shroud of Turin have maintained its bright red color.  And the fact that it had not even begun to oxidize is unexplainable.   The blood was highly loaded with bilirubin a bile pigment that would only show up if the dead man had been traumatically or severely beaten.  The image is negative yet the blood is positive.  There were words written in first century Aramaic around the head that had Christ’s name, the method and reason for His death and the date of His death.  That data lines up perfectly with the gospels.


Those facts are without dispute.  The only questions are how do we know it was actually Jesus and how did the image get there?  I would strongly attest that because of the wounds and their location, it must be the Christ.  This must be the burial cloth mentioned in John 20:6.

The evidence of the resurrection goes beyond the scope of this writing, the evidence is just too numerous.  However, it would be irresponsible for this writer not too include the Bible.  A reading of Psalm 22 (written perhaps 1000 years before Jesus was even born and many hundreds of years before the Romans invented crucifixion, we find a very carefully, detailed account of the crucifixion of Jesus.  And let’s not forget Isaiah 53.  That chapter makes my hair stand up as does Psalm 22.

It is ironic to me that we have more evidence of an evident that took place over 2000 years ago than we have for an event that took place a few days ago.

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