The Blood of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant found!

Before you click off discounting this message I would encourage you to pray and watch these videos.  If true…these may be the greatest discoveries ever.  Ron Wyatt an archeologist that has found many many things.  I am not sure if it is all true but as Dr. Kent Hovind puts it, Ron Wyatt was a humble man that loved God and he is the kind of man that God would allow to find these things.

It was abut 1:00am on a Friday night, my wife and kids were asleep.  I was up and doing some Bible reading and research when I found a short 4 minute video about the blood of Christ…to be honest before that video was over, my face was wet with tears.  I was sobbing uncontrollably.  Please watch these videos…it just may change your life.


And there is more…much more…



I would encourage you to study further…

Jesus LIVES!!!  Have you surrendered your life to Him?  There is no time like the present.


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