Traditionally, biblical archaeology is the name given to the study of the archaeological aspects of the history of the Jewish and Christian churches as provided in the Judeo-Christian bible, including but not limited to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Near Eastern archaeology is the term that refers to the same region, but, since not all archaeology in the area is referred to in the Old or New Testament, covers a broader range of topics.

Bible archaeology has always been fascinating to me.  Digging things up thousands of years ago that were recorded in the Bible…I mean how cool is that?  Did you know that Ramses, the very Pharaoh that Moses contended with in the Old Testament is in a Museum, well, his mummified body, is in a museum in Cairo , Egypt.  Now tell me that is not the coolest thing!  For years, skeptics, even Bible scholars believed the exodus was a myth then all of a sudden, it as if God timed it just right, archaeologists started finding all of this evidence PROVING the exodus account!  Chariot wheels, swords and other artifacts found in the bottom of the Red Sea, right at the place where the Bible says the Israelite’s crossed and Ramses’ army drown.  Bring it on…I can’t get enough of this stuff.  Or how about the actual blood of Jesus Christ!  Now that one sends chills up and down my spine and I am man enough to admit makes me cry a bit.      Since, I am not an archaeologist nor do I have much knowledge of the subject we will borrow interesting articles for other sources and post them here.  We will always source the page here…to give the author and site credit and so that you can return to the site for other articles of interest.  Keep exploring and keep digging through each page…Biblical Archaeologists make the pages of the Bible come alive!

If you have an article of interest, please let us know.

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