Prison Pen Pals

Some of these men have just accepted Christ. You could be a huge encouragement.  Some of these men never get visitors and never even hear from family.   All of these men are from a minimum security prison (usually white collar crime or drugs).  Most of these addresses come from Kent Hovind.  A few rules for your safety.

1)      Use common sense

2)      Do not send money, stamps or a ton of tracts (you may send one tract per letter)

3)      Do not promise anything

4)      Do not discuss their case — if they tell you their crime understand they are showing you great trust.

5)      Do not offer legal advise

6)      Do not address any one as Dr or other title (the men are all the same in there)

7)      Do not send books, food etc.

8)      Do not visit them or accept calls from them.

9)      Do not send photos.

10)  Be aware of con-games, romantic involvement can happen easily…avoid this.  If you feel uncomfortable for any reason stop writing and if your concern warrants it, report your concerns to the prison warden.

11)  Do pray for them, encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.

12)  Commit to writing at least once per month.  Many find it easy just to drop a quick note and a copy of Pastor’s Sermon Notes.

Congress is considering cost cutting measures (about time!) including cutting the BOP budget. They are getting some pressure to pass HR 223 but need LOTS more! HR 223 would cut prison time to 50% for 45 and older, first time, non-violent inmates. That would send me (Kent Hovind) home! Please encourage your friends and family to go to this site and vote YES, “like it” to add support.

Visit to vote.  You can also send a letter to your congressman on the site.

Thanks for your help!
Kent Hovind


Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC Satellite Camp Florence
P.O. Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA

 Dr. Kent Hovind is an evangelist in prison for tax evasion.  I have read all of his legal papers and to me it looks like he was setup.  At any rate…write him.  He will write back…he will most likely include a generic letter and a note since he gets so much mail.

Jeff Friedlander #50846-018
Federal Satellite Camp
2650 US Highway 301 South
Jesup, GA 31599-5676

 Dr Jeff Friedlander is now divorced at fifty-two; no children; his medical license now gone; and enduring the emotional roller coaster of a huge prison term that he does not deserve—Dr. Jeff is more than depressed. He was raised Jewish, but knows little about any religion, even his own.   Pray God will open his eyes and heart to the gospel.  His crime had something to do with a doctor in his employ writing illegal prescriptions.  Dr Jeff, the law said should have had more control over his employees.

Servando Ordonez Jr. #68421-280
FPC, Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA


Sammy just got saved.  He is Dr. Kent Hovind’s roommate.  Sammy is twenty-six, of Mexican heritage, from El Paso, and is serving four years for drugs. Him and Dr Hovind read the Word every day and Sammy is eagerly taking it in!  Please pray for him.

Michael Write #21627-047

FPC, Box 5000
Florence, CO 81226 USA

 He is divorced, has three children, is lonely, and is from Nebraska.  Send him a quick note of encouragement, a Bible tract, one of Pastor Tim’s sermons.  One day Dr Kent Hovind was in the library reading a pile of mail.  Michael came in with a  sad look and said, “I wish I would get some mail.”  Dr Hovind said, “Are you serious?”  He said, “yes I am.”  Dr Hovind said, “I will see what I can do.” This is where you and I come in.

As Dr. Hovind provides I will add more inmates to this list.

24835: Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out
By Lennie Spitale / B & H Publishing Group Endorsed by Chuck Colson – “This may well be the definitive book on prison ministry. Fascinating insights about the prison culture and how to reach it. Mandatory reading for everyone in corrections and for Christians who care about the commandments to visit prison.” For most Christians, prison culture is like visiting a foreign land, and the thought of ministering in prison to those incarcerated is an intimidating prospect. This book will impower any pastor, educator, or lay leader in doing effective prison ministry by providing a thorough “inside-out” view of prison life. Author Lennie Spitale offers a unique and qualifying vantage for writing about prison culture and prison ministry. As a young man, Spitale served a prison sentence for an armed robbery that was later reduced to assault and robbery. Two years after his conversion to Christianity, he began conducting a weekly Bible study in a local jail.

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