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79186: The Code Of Life DNA, Information, and Mutation The Code Of Life DNA, Information, and Mutation
By Dr. Georgia Purdom

DNA mutations are often claimed to be the answer for the molecules-to-man developed by evolutionists; watch and listen as Dr. Georgia Purdom explains that mutations actually are the opposite of beneficial. Showing that “junk” DNA isn’t junk and that mutations actually corrupt DNA, this is a fascinating topic explained in an easy-to-understand manner. 45 minutes on DVD.

201496: Where Does the Evidence Lead? DVD Where Does the Evidence Lead? DVD

Darwin’s theory of evolution has been taught and “accepted” for more than a century. Yet in the 21st century, scientists question its ability to account for the origin and diversity of life. Offer your students a godly and powerful alternative to Darwinism—the theory of intelligent design. This 6-part series explores the living cell, molecules, the origin of life, DNA, and more. Grades 7 and up.

0510032: Scientific Creationism Scientific Creationism
By Henry M. Morris

Henry Morris’ seminal work on the subject has been used as a supplementary text in public universities. It provides an in-depth examination of the research for creation and covers dating methods, geology, biology, and many other areas. This book presents one of the strongest defenses of biblical creationism.

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