Why Support Airrington Ministries?

Thank you for your consideration of support to Airrington Ministries.

There are three main ways that you can give to Airrington Ministries:

1) Supporting Airrington Ministries Financially

2) Supporting Airrington Ministries Through Prayer

3) Supporting Airrington Ministries by becoming a writer.

This site exists to give hope to the lost, truth to the pretender and strength to the believer.

Why should you support Airrington Ministries? The answer is simple?  To bring glory to God and expand His kingdom. Finances are used to pay for web space, advertising, to create videos, printed material, to purchase evangelizing material, Bibles, etc.

We produce a great deal of information and provide printed materials for free.   If we have funds available we are able to help with utility bills, groceries, diapers, rent and more.  You can be part of that.  Airrington Ministries is praying that we are able to expand into other areas such as a radio program, online discussion groups and more.  Soon we will be offering a weekly online Bible Study where you can participate.

Please pray for us.  Not only do we need prayer for Airrington Ministries…we also take your prayer requests. Our staff prays over your requests…IMMEDIATELY and at our weekly Bible Studies and events.  W e need your help to start a regular prayer group for Airrington Ministries.  Please contact Kevin directly. If you would like join our prayer team or you have an interest in heading up this vital ministry.

Writers? Do you love to write? Airrington Ministries needs more volunteer writers. You can write any topic…must be faith based. If you are interested please contact Kevin and he will email you a short questionnaire.  This will be a blessing to both you and the thousands that will read your work.

To give of your financial resources to support the work we are doing at Airrington Ministries  via PayPal:

For your convenience you may also set up an automatic gift. Gift $1.00, $5.00, $25.00 $1000.00 whatever God places on your heart and each month we will automatically deduct that amount from your PayPal Account. Cancel Anytime by going into your PayPal account and cancelling. If you need assistance be sure and contact us.

Monthly Desscription Amount

All Monthly/Annual Gifting Option we will mail you a free gift as our small way of saying thank you.

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This site exists to give hope to the lost, truth to the pretender and strength to the believer.

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