Pastor Kevin Airrington

Born in Portland, Oregon he grew up knowing who Jesus was spending many Sundays in Sunday School, but never coming to know Jesus as his personal friend.  In October of 1985 he enlisted in the United States Army and was shipped to Germany or what was then West Germany.  The Executive Officer claimed to have some religious background and would often share Jesus with Airrington.  But poor Lt, had too many vices of his own and too much hate in his heart that he himself needed to overcome.

Mail call is the time of day that every soldier looks forward to.  Especially if you are so far from home.  An old friend back home had gave her life to Jesus while he was away and wrote Airrington everyday.  Not only would she share Jesus in her letters she would include a Bible tract.  Soon, Airrington tired of this Jesus stuff and wrote back telling her that he enjoyed her frequent letters but would she stop preaching to him and stop sending him Bible tracts.  It was not long after this the letters stopped all together…but the Bible tracts did not.  In fact some envelopes would have two or more tracts in them and sometimes more than one envelope in a day.

The days flew by and Mr. Airrington was back in the states.  His friend took him to several local churches in hopes that one of them would sparks something in him and he would bow down to a Savior who lovingly called him.  Finally, he faked it just so that she would marry him.  A few years later it become impossible for Mr. Airrington to fake out his bride.  She began an extramarital affair which ultimately ended their marriage.

This is when Mr. Airrington realized that he needed God and he went back to church, answered an alter call and truly giving his life to the service of his Messiah.   Many men took Mr. Airrington under their wing and taught him the Bible.  He began teaching Bible studies and preaching.  He found a home at the alter praying for others at each and every church service.  Mr. Airrington moved to Reno, Nevada and while he was still active in the church he missed his old church and Pastor.  On a visit back to his hometown he met with his former Pastor.  Mr. Airrington was invited back to his old church to preach on many occasion.   The church had changed quite a bit and the Pastor asked if Mr. Airrington would consider moving back and assisting him in the ministry at the church.

Mr. Airrington answered the call and returned to his home and ultimately his former church and served with great joy under a biblically sound pastor.

Mr. Airrington is working toward his Doctorate in Biblical Studies.  Most of his day you will find him buried in a textbook or in God’s Word.

Mr. Airrington has taught Bible Studies, been lay Pastor, Outreach Leader, taught Sunday School to tweens and more.  He is hungry for anything in the ministry.  Today, he teaches a Bible Study at his local church on Saturday morning.  As the week moves closer to Saturday each week he gets more and more excited to bring God’s Word to God’s people.

Mr. Airrington is also an author.  You will find many of his books on Amazon.  Currents works include: On The Sixth Day God Created Dinosaurs (A children’s illustrated book about dinosaurs) and Angels Among Us (From the DAY angels [yes we know the exact day angels were created] to Spiritual Warfare this is a book on angels like no other).

Even though Mr. Airrington is in a wheelchair he continues to serve God and God’s people and he is willing to go anywhere on this planet that God leads him to share God’s message.  Please enjoy these sermons as they are some of Mr. Airrington’s most beloved messages.

You will notice an outline/manuscript style.  Mr. Airrington believes that anyone should be able to pick up his sermon and preach it with conviction.

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