So called “contradictions” in the Bible

Many skeptics claim that the Bible is “filled with contradictions”.  Is this so? Although the Bible contains sixty-six books written over a period of about 1700 years, it shows remarkable consistency. Here, we examine some of the supposed contradictions that have been offered to disprove the Bible.

If you have what you believe is a contraction, please share it.  I would love to post it here.

Contents of Bible Difficulties

  • Does Genesis 1 Contradict Genesis 2?
    In studying creation accounts, many skeptics will claim that The Bible holds two different creations accounts – the six days of Genesis 1 and a different version in Genesis 2. Are these accounts contradictory?
  • Is The Passage In Matthew 19 a Contradiction?
    Moses gave one standard for divorce in the Old Testament. In Matthew 19, Jesus said divorce isn’t what God had in mind. Is this a contradiction?
  • Was the Centurion with Jesus or not?
    In Matthew 8 a centurion is said to be speaking with Jesus about his sick son. However, in Luke the centurion isn’t there but sends his friends. Is this a contradiction? Read on to see how difficulties like this are easily resolved.
  • Does 1 Peter 3 Mandate Baptism?
    Many people look to 1 Peter 3 as a passage that supports the idea of baptism as necessary for salvation. Is there justification in this? When reading 1 Peter, we might find a different conclusion. Read on to find out more.
  • Is the Bible sexist against women?
    Many have charged that the Bible in general and Paul in particular teach a sexist attitude toward women. Is this the case? How can the true God be sexist? What does the passage in Timothy teach? We look at this question in this article.
  • Does Christianity teach we can abuse animals?
    Melissa writes to say she has a friend who “was once a Christian, but then he started to think for himself.” He then accuses Christianity as being cruel to animals and unfair to women. Read on as Lenny shows how to answer these charges.
  • Can We Reconcile These Contradictions?
    Where did Mary and Joseph live – in Bethlehem or Nazareth? And how many angels were there at the empty tomb on Sunday morning? Here’s a good text dealing with problem passages in the Gospels.
  • Does the hare really chew cud?
    One of the more persistent objections Christians hear to the Bible being error-free is the concept of the hare chewing cud. What are the facts? Read on to understand this interesting passage a little bit better.
  • Does Hebrews 6 contradict eternal security?
    Many hold to the idea that true salvation cannot be lost. However, Hebrews chapter 6 seems to contradict this. Which view is true and what is the passage in Hebrews saying? Here Lenny looks at one of the most difficult passages in Scripture.
  • Do These Passages Show You Can Lose Your Salvation?
    The question of eternal security goes back at least as far as Protestantism. Is the “once saved always saved” view correct? What about passages that seem to show otherwise. We’ll examine them in this article.
  • Who Tempted David to Sin?
    In 1 Chronicles 21 David is tempted to sin by Satan. But in 2 Samuel 24 the Bible says God incited David. Which passage is right? Would God cause someone to sin? And how do we reconcile the apparent contradiction?
  • Does The Bible Say Jesus Is Created?
    Many cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses will use Colossians 1:15 to prove that Jesus is a created being. They say that firstborn means first created. Are they right? Read our reply in this article.
  • Why Do the Gospels Have Different Genealogies?
    As the holiday season approaches, many families will be reading the Gospel of Luke again. However, many times the question arises “How come the genealogy in Matthew’s gospel is different than Luke’s? Is this a contradiction?” For the answer to this question as well as one of the most intriguing studies of Biblical consistency, read on.
  • Is the God of the Old Testament Different From the God of the New?
    Passages in the Old Testament seem to portray a God of wrath while Jesus teaches about God’s love and forgiveness. Do these ideas show opposite portraits of God? How can a loving God command the wholesale destruction of entire populations? Read on to see how these are actually complimentary aspects of God’s character.
  • Is Luke Wrong About the Time of Jesus’ Birth?
    A popular objection to the Christmas story is that the authors got their timetables wrong. Luke says it happened during Quirinius’ governorship, but Matthew said Jesus’ birth occurred when Herod the Great was ruling. Is this an error? Read on to see how the Christmas story still holds up to historic scrutiny.
  • Is it Easter or Passover in Acts 12:4? It might depend on which version



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