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Did you receive a card?  Or perhaps you just stumbled upon this page.  However you got here, we are just glad you found us and we want to help you connect with Jesus!

Romans 10:9 says, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

If you received a card or some other gift that brought you here then we want to hear from you.    This site exists to give hope to the lost, truth to the *pretender and strength to the believer.  We are constantly adding new material so please stop back daily.   If there is anything we can help you with please fill out the form below.  Thank you so much and God bless you!

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If you prayed that prayer and you meant then I believe you are saved and if you die or the rapture happens then you will be with Jesus in Heaven.  Glory to God!  Please fill the form out above and tell me about it.

What do you do now?

Find a Church.

Find a good Bible preaching church.  This can be very difficult.  Please contact me and I will be happy to help you.  You will want to stay away from cults for certain.  You say, Pastor Kevin, I am a brand new Christian, I have been saved for 5 minutes…how can I tell if a church is a cult or not?  Great question…so let me give you a simple little formally that people that have been saved 30 years don’t know unless they have been to one one my Bible Studies.

What is a cult?

Cults are most often religious groups that use teaching and social structures to exhibit strong and/or controlling influence over its members’ financial, material, and social circles.  The beliefs are typically driven by a single cult leader and a specific set of religious beliefs unique to that group.  You can find more detail about what a cult is here.  But listen, for real, my explanation below is far easier and you will REMEMBER it!

First, just because they say Christian does not mean they are not a cult.  I will list a few that are…now I am not trying to offend anyone.  This is not a bash on people…it is a bash on a system.  A friend of mine, Kenneth Robertson told me once, “It is not a question of if they are a cult, it’s a question of, How much of a cult are they?” I will not get into details…for that check my section on religious movements.  I just want to get you off on the right path.  So, if a church is listed here find some place else…and if they are not listed follow my formula (which I will give you)…if you are still having trouble contact me

1)      Mormon, LDS, Church Latter-Day Saints

2)      Jehovah’s Witnesses, Watchtower Society

3)      Catholic (Capitol “C” as in Roman Catholic church is a cult…lower case “c” catholic means universal church – if there is such a thing.  The Bible says, church or congregation…not sure if that qualifies for a GLOBAL or UNIVERSAL Church…we attack that in another essay.)

4)      Christian Science

5)      Church of Christ

6)      The New Age Movement

7)      Scientology (Tom Cruise and many actors belong to this organization)

8)      Freemasonry

9)      The Way International

10)   The Unification Church

There are plenty more that should be on this list…if you think that one should be on this list…contact me and ask me…I will let you know.   There are also many flavors of the same cult.  IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE PEOPLE IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE SYSTEM THEY ARE INVOLVED IN.

I know a lot of good Catholics and others caught in these organizations…and I love them very much.  Hear me.  Just because someone goes to one of these churches DOES NOT mean they are condemned to Hell.  Please pray for them.  I go into more detail on other pages on this site, however, one thing for certain if you do not know Jesus you WILL be condemned to hell.


A church may be a cult if they possess any ONE of these characteristics:

+ “plus – If they add to the Bible they might be a cult.  An example of this would be the Book of Mormon.

– “subtract – If they subtract from the deity of Christ.  An example of this would be the Freemasons, although technically not a church.

* “multiply – If they multiply what you have to do to get to Heaven.  We are saved by grace through faith. Period.  The Church of Christ and other churches claim if you are not water baptized you are going straight to, do not pass go…to HELL.   There are also some that claim if you do not speak in tongues you are going to HELL.  I am happy to report I am both water baptized and I speak in tongues…but according to the Bible I read…I was saved before either of these events took place in my Christian walk.

/ “divide – If they divide from the church.  In other words, if the say that “we are the only church that is going to Heaven.  An example of this would be the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Now, some “churches” or religious organizations can claim all four of these.  I would run like a red headed step child from that group…and pray for them…IN TONGUES…while you are GETTIN’ BAPTIZED from them!

Again, I have a page that has more detail…but really this is all you need to decide if a church is a cult.  If you are still having difficulty…please call me.  And don’t not go to church…don’t not.  All right I said it…my grammar works for me ok leave me alone. 🙂  You need to be in church…They is a verse and yes I got a verse for everything.  There is a verse that says get your hiney in the the church or something like that.  🙂   No, it says, “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves.”  Go to church.  Why?  For fellowship, to help you grow, etc.  Does going to church make you a Christian…will it get you saved…of course not…but it will HELP KEEP YOU SAVED.

Listen, I know there is at least one hard nose booger out there that just got saved…and I gotta explain this.  Five years ago…I got me self paralyzed.   Yep for some reason my legs quit…don’t know why just can’t walk.  While I was laying in a bed in a hospital…nine hours from my house…I had people from my house, mowing my lawn, cooking meals for my wife and kids, washing my laundry, remodeling my house so I could scoot my wheelchair from room to room and get in the bathroom to wash in the shower.  I had people looking after my kids while my wife was tending to me in the hospital…and I had a church praying for me and paying my rent.  Don’t tell me you don’t need church!

What Bible?

What ever you got read it.  Later we can get into why you need the King James Version…but really I just want you to read it…I have all kinds of Bibles so if you don’t have one, email me and I will buy you one.  Just read what ever you have.  God promised to preserve His Word not the English language.  So if you have an NIV, NASB, NKJV, KJV, Good News…READ THE SUCKER.

Start reading the book of John.  You will find John in the New Testament, the fourth book.  In John you will learn about Jesus and your new faith.  Second you will want to pray everyday.  Read a Psalm and Proverb a day too if can get it in…if you can’t no biggie.  In time you will.

Pray everyday.

The best thing I can tell you is just get in the habit.  Talk to God like you would your best friend…The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and I am going to give you that same blue print…why?  Because it works.  Find quiet time to pray…in the car on your way to work…while you make breakfast…when you are sitting on the toilet…you know…our family prays every night before bed with the kids.  We start with the youngest and work our way up to the oldest (dad).]

Here is that blueprint…it’s known as the Lord’s prayer and you can find it in your Bible in Matthew 6:9-13 or a shorter version in Luke 11:2-4:

After this manner therefore pray ye:

“Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

Our Father which art in Heaven — Dear God of Heaven (introduction Hey Bob what’s up), Hollowed be thy name (give Him some praise — God you are awesome, thank you Lord for sending your Son, thank you God for your power, thank you Lord for my Health, You are Wonderful…) Thy will be done (it’s all Yours God..Your will be done here on earth and in Heaven…Your will not mine) Give us our daily bread (please provide us our daily needs, God I need my rent paid and clothes on my back and lunch money for my kids and food in the fridge) and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (help us not to be tempted into sin and deliver us from the snares of Satan)For thine is the power, and the glory, for ever, (more closing  praise)Amen (so be it).

Jesus told His disciples how to pray…some choose to actually pray this prayer and I guess that is ok too…use this as blue print…be sure and praise Him…He really is worthy of our praise.  Talk to God every day just as you would a good friend.  Soon, it will get easier and easier…and you will get to know Him better and better.  1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray without ceasing. “

Please, if there is ever anything I can do, scroll back up and fill out the form.  It comes directly to me.  I am all to happy to help you find a new church, pray with you or get you a free Bible.

Blessings and love,

Pastor Kevin R. Airrington

* What is a PRETENDER? A pretender is someone who claims they know Christ but their life says something else.  Had other names for them: hypocrite, dogs, vipers, pigs, dead, etc.  I am not, and Jesus did not mean people who made a mistake…I mean people who say one thing and live a lifestyle of sin contrary to the Bible.  In other words they pretend to be a Christian…they pretend to be a righteous person.

Am I judging them?  You bet I am.  Before you get all excited and judge me. haha  Go read the whole chapter of Mathew 7.  Jesus was not saying don’t judge people.  Jesus was saying don’t judge people unless you are ready to be judged in the same measure that you are judging.  There are also several things the Bible forbids us NOT to judge on…someone’s appearance for one.  For a thorough explanation and teaching on Judging see my essay called: “Don’t judge me you pig”.   Would you let Charles Manson babysit your kids?  Why not, aren’t you judging him?

I still love the pretender and pray for the pretender.

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