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Our mission is to give hope to the lost, truth to the pretender and strength to the believer.

Our goal is to see souls saved and see pretenders realize the truth of God’s Word.  Along the way, we are equipping the Saints to carry on the torch and share God’s love and the truth of his Word to others in their Communities, their corner of the web and beyond.

We do this by: Our ministry provides free articles and other free Biblical Study materials to strengthen and encourage the faith of the believer, free Bibles for new converts and the lost, we support local outreach programs to witness to the lost, visit hospital and nursing homes, prison ministries and overseas missions.

If you have a loved one that is in the hospital, in a nursing home, in jail or just needs someone to talk to or prayer with, please contact us.

If you know someone that is addicted to drugs, alcohol or other hangup then please contact Doug Gould ( at Foundations For Recovery in Medford, Oregon.  Even if you are not from the Valley, contact Doug and he can help you find a similar organization where you life.

Foundations For Recover - Doug

“So have you decided to overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol?

If so, this could be the most important decision of your life.  To completely understand that you have a problem and need help is the first positive step in your journey.  However, what direction to take after that can sometimes be confusing.  This is where we at the Foundations for Recovery can help you on your road to recovery.”  – Foundations For Recovery.

Pastor Kevin R. AirringtonPastor Kevin R. Airrington is an Ordained Minister in Medford, Oregon.  He is married with  7 seven children.   Pastor Kevin has enjoyed many areas of ministries within the church including Lay Pastor, Bible Study Leader, Outreach Leader, Tweens Teacher, Food Bank, served on various outreach teams and sound board operator. Pastor Kevin is first a servant.  Pastor Kevin is a published writer and has worked as a Christian Radio DJ.  Pastor Kevin is a published author and noted speaker.  Pastor Kevin is a student of the Word and while he has compassion for the lost and his fellow brothers and sisters in  Christ, he has little patience for the pretender.  Kevin has a message for those he calls pretenders, “It’s not about changing the outside so we look religious, it’s about changing the inside so that we look more like Jesus!”  This is actually a message for all of us…just to keep us inline.  The sad thing”, Pastor Kevin continues, “is that it is not just the fault of the pretender – the world cannot see God clearly because sadly, the Church does not represent Him well.

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This site exists to give hope to the lost, truth to the pretender and strength to the believer.

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