11918: What You Need To Know About Salvation What You Need To Know About Salvation
By Max Anders

Christianity begins with the bad news that all are spiritually lost and then announces the good news that Jesus saves those who trust Him. Yet in this age of universalism (the belief that all will be saved) and humanism (the belief that humans are basically good and don’t need God to save them), not everyone understands why salvation is necessary, how God saves individuals, or what they personally must do to be saved.
— What You Need to Know About Salvation explores this grand drama throughout all of Scripture: the glory of Creation, the tragedy of sin and the Fall, the provision of salvation in Jesus Christ, its application today through the Holy Spirit, and its consummation at the Second Coming. Contents include: Introduction to the What You Need To Know Series How to Teach this Book Are We Really Lost? What did God have in mind when He created? What went wrong with creation? How has God chosen to fix a broken creation? What must I do to be saved? What happens when I am saved? Am I secure in God’s Love? What difference should my salvation make to the Church? What Difference should my salvation make to the World? What is the way thingsare supposed to be? How amazing is Grace? How can we share our salvaiton? Bibliography Master Review About the Author.

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