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Mark 16:15, “And he [JESUS] said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

In *Mark 16:15 Jesus commands all of us “YE” is plural…to GO! PREACH THE GOSPEL TO ALL OF CREATION!

Instructions for use.  This is how I use these Good News Booklets and Chick Tracts.  You may have another use, which is perfectly fine.  For those that have not thought about how to use these or perhaps your idea needs an update, this may be for you.   There are also many methods to soul winning.  I go into more detail on my website,

First, these are EXPENSIVE, retail is 55¢ each!  That will add up.  Chick Bible Tracts are just 18¢ each…you can give away 3 Chick Bible Tracts to just one of these.  However, used correctly can enhance your soul winning…remember, Proverbs 11:30 KJB, “…he that winneth souls is wise.”   Let me show you how they can enhance  your soul winning.

I love Chick Bible Tracts.  They open up conversations and it beats my Pastor’s favorite opener, “Wow, your grass is really green, how do you get it that green?” He listens and bobs his head.  Then says, “That’s cool, I will have to try and remember that …”  Imagine the lawn care tips he has got in the last 20 years? haha Then he says, “Oh by the way, I am Lloyd and I wanted to stop by and give you one of these (A tract, flyer, a schedule of services, etc.) and invite you out to our church.  Then works in the “Do you know Jesus…” which is the real reason he is at his doorstep.

What I like about Chick Bible Tracts, especially soul winning in a park or other open area.  I might say, “Hey did you get one of these?”  As I do, I extend my hand toward him with a tract clutch between my thumb and index finger.  Why so much detail Brother Kevin?  It’s what I do…get over it…write your own how to paper.  haha 😊  Details are good…especially when you are showing a method that has worked for me for over 30 years.

Their instinct will be to take the tract from you.  He has it in is hand.  I say something like, “that’s one of my favorites right there [make sure you have read it or you might be embarrassed, and make sure it is one of your favorites…not good to start off soul winning with a LIE! haha]…and the best part [I let a out a little chuckle and a smile] is, it’s got lots of pictures…so it’s just my speed.”  They will laugh or at least smile, while he is looking at the tract. First the front and then the back…then they may open and glance at a page or two.

Next, he will be slightly distracted with the tract, and we must distract him at this point and keep his mind off balance because we need him really focused when we get to the reason, we handed him the tract in the first place….what our purpose is…  AND REMEMBER, ALWAYS, BE KIND, NOT ANNOYING, ETC.  You want to make sure the door is open if you are there to plant a seed, water, or sprinkle some sunshine so that the next encounter with a soul winner…they are ready for the harvest.  If you are rude…forget to smile…forget to use breath mints (not gum…smacking gum is rude…use BREATH MINTS).

Whatever the reason you speak like you are there at the perfect time and he is ripe for harvest! Introduce yourself.  “Oh, by the way, my name is Kevin and yours?”  Extend your hand do the covid handshake…whatever. (Listen…carry hand sanitizer)…  

Go through your presentation,  you have invited him/her to church, they have a schedule of services.  Church website, a phone number, you have got plenty of landscaping tips, etc. 😊 Then go for what we called in sales, “A Trial Close”.  Remember why you are there?  You might say something like, “John, thank you for taking a moment to talk to me, I really enjoyed meeting you.  I am not sure where you are at with all of  this, but if you have taken seriously these things and you have been being honest with me, which I believe you are, I was wondering if we could do one more thing really quick before I go?” 

Now, SHUT UP! 😊 The next person to speak LOSES (in this case…your prospect will be the winner in so many ways.)  Hopefully, he asks, “sure, what’s that?” “what?” or something like that.  Tell him how much you care about him and when it comes to God, you believe there are no accidents, get him to agree with you, nod your head yes and say, “You know what I mean Fred? Whether he agrees or not he will say yes…100% of the time.  It doesn’t matter, you just need him to agree with you on something…

Tell Fred that you and he were meant to meet today, right now, right here.  Tell him, “Before we go, I would love to pray with you to accept Jesus. I am not asking you to join our church, although you would be welcome anytime…there is no special prayer found anywhere in the Bible, that I can find anywhere.  The prayer does not save you, in fact it does nothing.  But it acts a marker Fred…a place where you can look back on in 20 years and say on this date [mention this date]…this is the day I publicly acknowledged that I believe and trusted my life to Jesus and Him alone for my salvation.

Romans 10:9 Tells us to CONFESS with our mouth.  John 3:16 tells us to BELIEVE in Jesus, Acts 3:19 the Bible tells us to REPENT, which basically means to confess our sins and turn away from them toward God.  Now John, what we are going to do is pray in a general sense of Repentance…we are not actually going to list ALL your sins…nor mine, believe me, especially for me, we would not have time.  😊  [usually, you get a little chuckle which is a good thing.]…and then the Bible tells us in Revelation 3:20 to INVITE Jesus in.  To our life, etc. To make it easier, I can pray with you, and you repeat after me, this will be very simple and will include the CONFESSION, BELIEVE, REPENT, and INVITE Him in.

Ready?  You will get a not, a yes or something.  Now…come expecting…EXPECTING that everyone you speak with is going to surrender to Christ.  In reality…some will, and some won’t…leave those that won’t in a good place.  What if they pray, but do not mean it?  Then that is for God to take care of…or the next Soul Winner will build upon that.

OK, now addressing the Good News Booklet and how to use them, or at least what I do.  First, as I mentioned early on — these are expensive.  So, it makes no sense for us to just hand them out to everyone.  A reading of 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 we see that it might even just be foolish or a waste of time and monetary resources just to pass these out to anyone, who probably would not have any understanding to begin with.

Who should we give these to?  I only give these away to people who I have prayed with for salvation.  Not, “Kevin I was saved back when I went to church with grandma at the Nazarene Church a long time ago can I have one of your little Bibles?” No, Only IF I PRAY WITH THEM.  Obviously, there are exceptions, you will have to use discernment with each situation.  

My rules before I give away a Good News Booklet are:

1.) I must Pray with them.  

2.) I must have some sense that they are serious. 

3.) I at least ask if they would mind if I came to visit them again to answer any questions or help in any way that I can. I leave both the church office number and our website, my email or phone if I feel comfortable…plus a church tract with service times and the Chick Tract or other Tract I may have and the Good News Booklet.  

Ladies, please don’t leave your contact info…leave your churches. In fact, we all need to use common sense here and be safe.  Ask your Pastor or Outreach Team Leader what the general rules for giving out contact info to contacts, even those you have prayed with. `

Ahead of time I highlight the Booklet in this manner.  John 3 teaches on being Born Again and Romans 3 teaches on Salvation. I highlight Both John 3 and Romans 3 in Yellow.  I get them to promise me they will read both yellow sections at least 3 to 5 times and try to memorize.  I also highlight John 3:16 and Romans 3:23-24 in red.  I ask them to memorize these 3 short verses.  And without going into detail at this time, I would stress the King James Bible.  Just say, “Fred, read it in the KJB or in this Good News Bible because you will understand it easier. Make sure you contact me if I can answer any questions.”  The King James is the Word of God Perfect, inerrant (without error) inspired (God Breathed – written by God), Infallible, Preserved.  Just tell them, you would love to talk about the KJB and other versions, but for now, the KJB is demonstrably without error and the others are not.  Say as little as possible…we cannot get bogged down in the weeds about translations at this point.  In fact, maybe say nothing present with the KJB…if they ask what version you recommend.  Tell them the KJB…it’s the easiest to understand and it is the only 100% accurate version…so easier to go down a rabbit hole here. 

Learn a few things to help answer a COUPLE QUESTIONS.  For instance, the Thee’s and Thou’s.  Again…don’t go off on a scholarly tangent… 😊 This is difficult for me. Basically, if it starts with a T as in Thy, Thee, Thou it is SINGULAR…Ye, Your You is PLURAL every time.  They did not generally speak like this…”Goest thou to the market and get ye bothers and sisters a loaf of bread for ye lunch. “…they did not talk like this.  BUT, they used it in literature to help make it clear who the audience is or was.  To demonstrate the need for the pronouns is evident in John 3. 

 John 3 is a discussion in the middle of the night under the secrecy of darkness, Jesus has a conversation with a secret follower of His…a Pharisees and a member of the Sanhedrin, a man named Nicodemus.  There were many Pharisees, Zealots, Scribes, Sadducees, etc. and members of the Sanhedrin (kind of like our Congress…actually more accurately our Senate.) who secretly followed Jesus.  We are told there are many and then Nicodemus and  Joseph of Arimathea are mentioned by name. 

Nicodemus is asking Jesus about being BORN AGAIN.  If you read it in nearly any other version…you will get confused who is Jesus speaking.  Sometimes Jesus is addressing Nicodemus directly and sometimes to all of us.  But it is not clear…and the context does not even help.  On the other hand, the King James BIBLE uses the thee’s and thou’s.  And it could not be clearer as to the audience.  Read it in a Modern Trashlation then read it in the King James Bible and you will see what I am talking about.

Rabbit Trail…see how easy it is to get on a rabbit trail?  Especially on the KJB.  I went ahead and left it in because it’s good that you have some of that info.  Check my website at for more details on the Bible Trashlations and the King James Bible.  When out Soul Winning, I do my best to avoid getting into the weeds on this stuff.  Stick it in your cap…use it to answer a quick question…but don’t get sucked in.  😊 Myself included, we all tend to be passionate about our beliefs, the Bible and more. Remember why you are there! Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (Proverbs 27:17)and sometimes sparks fly…but we need to win souls as the final hour is approaching.

I hope that this has helped you with some tips on soul winning, using tracts, and using the Good News Booklet.                                      

*THE GREAT COMMISSION: Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:45-49, John 20:21, Acts 1:8


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